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Bring your home to life with smart products, supported by the stellar service of HomeSpace Connect.

Make your home a peaceful haven with smart technologies that simplify and streamline.

Home is where the heart is, but also where you spend most of your time. Make your home or cottage a getaway filled with technology that supports your life. HomeSpace Connect offers a full range of household essentials to keep you, and your home, at your best.

Our Services

Urban & Rural Internet Service

Whether at home or the cottage, stay connected with fast, reliable Internet.

Hi-Fi Audio

Sensational sound quality through premium speakers and distributed audio systems.

Indoor & Outdoor Wifi & Connectivity

Move freely in any space with consistent and speedy internet.

Indoor & Outdoor Audio & Video

Enjoy exceptional visual and sound experiences on the couch or under the stars.

Smart Home & Cottage Solutions

Put your home to work with smart devices that do it all.

Surveillance & Smart Sensors

Get peace of mind with strategic systems to keep your home safe.

Custom solutions tailored to your space, your needs, and your budget.

Don’t settle for a system that is anything less than just right. Our industry-rich knowledge and strategic partnerships give you access to the best products and services, all tailored to your vision.

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HomeSpace Connect is committed to delivering only the best technology to connect your home or cottage.

IT Solutions

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