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F1Tech is a full-service IT group with decades of experience offering the highest level of security and reliability. For hotels and casinos, nothing matters more than an exceptional, safe, seamless guest experience. We’re here to make it happen.

Your Needs

Managing both physical and digital security needs is mission-critical for hotels and casinos. Secure data management, reliable staff access to software and networks, cohesive room-specific WiFi, devices, and controls are just a few of the challenges you face.

Your ability to deliver premium customer experiences relies on technology that works.

Our Solutions

A solid IT strategy empowers you to manage key functions with maximum efficiency. We partner with experts in casino surveillance to offer the highest level of security and build an infrastructure of reliable connectivity, cabling, data centers, server redundancies, and industry-leading uptime.

With tailored solutions and 24/7 emergency support, the only service we don’t offer is turn-down.

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