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Clients choose you because they trust you. This is why countless organizations turn to F1Tech. An experienced, full-service IT group, we help you set up the systems and implement the solutions you need to scale and grow your business.

Your Needs

You know that atmosphere and ambience are everything. Technology must work seamlessly and securely, leaving the focus on the client experience. Downtime and interruption cost money and reputation.

From scheduling and invoicing, to Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM), the best solutions are virtually invisible.

Our Solutions

F1Tech provides the solutions you need to grow and thrive. Hardware, Point of Sale (POS), software licensing and setup, ultra-fast WiFi, secure servers, luxe Sonos speakers, security cameras and 24/7 emergency support. We allow you to focus on delivering a flawless customer experience while mitigating unsightly cords and devices.

Leverage our experience and insight to build an exclusive, state of the art health and beauty destination.

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