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Secure Cloud Hosted Solutions

F1Tech is a Leading Provider of Secure Cloud Hosted Services

Why Choose F1Tech Cloud? 

F1Tech provides a wide range of secure cloud hosted solutions and services for clients that includes our F1Tech Cloud Server, F1Tech Cloud Backup, F1Tech Cloud Phone, F1Tech Cloud Web, F1Tech Cloud Email, and F1Tech AEP (Advanced Email Protection). We utilize only the most secure cloud platforms to give our customers complete peace of mind with their privacy and security concerns.   

All of your data is securely stored in Canada  

We strongly believe in keeping your data safe and secure in Canada so that your business is protected by our strict privacy laws and regulations. We own our own equipment and house it in a tier-3 facility in Markham, which is registered and regulated by the CRTC. Because F1Tech Cloud Server uses our own equipment in a tier-3 facility, our service offers maximum availability, minimum downtime, a high threshold for fault tolerance, and extended protection against power outages.  


Cloud Server

F1Tech Cloud Server is a flexible, secure, and cost-effective way to harness the latest cloud technologies to host and safeguard your organisation’s applications, data, and your IT infrastructure. With F1Tech Cloud, there’s no need to worry about purchasing and upgrading new hardware to support your important business applications.

Our F1Tech Cloud service is entirely scalable, based on your budget and your needs, so that you won’t have to worry about continually futureproofing your computer hardware in order to meet the ever-changing demands of running your applications. 

Cloud Backup

If you’re looking for a safe and secure way to backup your organization’s data, F1Tech Cloud is the solution that you’ve been looking for. With Cloud Backup storage being entirely scalable, you never have to worry about purchasing costly backup solutions to keep all of your data safe and secure locally.

For your peace of mind, all of the data centers that F1Tech uses for F1Tech Cloud are all located within the GTA - we’ll never backup your critical data overseas.  

Cloud Phone

With recent changes that have seen businesses transition to a work from home model for their employees, F1Tech Cloud Phone is the ideal service that supports this virtual work environment so that your employees can communicate and collaborate securely and seamlessly.

Cloud Email

F1Tech Cloud Email is a cloud based email hosting service that provides businesses with a secure means of storing their emails and other important information remotely. 

F1Tech Cloud Replication

Why Use Our F1Tech Cloud Replication Service?

F1Tech’s Cloud Replication service provides a safe and secure mechanism to migrate and replicate your organization’s important data to the cloud. Our Cloud replication service ensures improved data accessibility, storage, and security by leveraging the fastest and most secure data centres in the GTA. Also, cloud replication is a cost-effective means to safely store and maintain your data without having to devote a large amount of your IT budget to hiring a service to manually migrate and maintain your data. 
Other Hosted Services

Data Retention

In order to make informed decisions, you need to have access to all of your businesses information, whether it’s from the past or present. F1Tech’s data retention service ensures that your data is stored securely and safely so that your organization has access to it, 24/7, 365 days a year. The purpose of our data retention service is to not only provide you additional storage and access to your information, but to also protect and archive it.

Advanced Email Protection

Our F1Tech AEP service employs the latest in cloud security technologies to deliver advanced protection against email phishing and other malicious threats to your important email communications. These safeguards are continually being updated to protect your business 24/7, 365 days a week. 

Protect and Secure your Data with F1Tech Cloud