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Face Mask Detection Systems
IoT Sensors for Vaccine Storage

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With the human and economic toll that the COVID-19 pandemic has had globally, it’s become quite evident that preventative measures are crucial to keeping everyone safe and healthy in today’s workplace. At F1Tech, we understand that we must provide IT Solutions that have an impact on improving your business. With this and the prevalence of COVID-19 in mind, we decided to take proactive measures to help businesses keep their employees, customers, and guests safe from the spread of the virus. 

Our IT Solutions for COVID-19

We provide some of the most innovative and reliable solutions to help you keep your workplace safe from COVID-19. We offer the following solutions for businesses and other organizations striving to keep their workplaces safe and COVID-19 free:

• Elevated Skin Temperature Cameras
• Face Mask Detection Systems
• IoT Sensors for Vaccine Storage

Prevent The Spread of COVID-19 With Our IT Solutions

Elevated Skin Temperature Cameras | Face Mask Detection Systems

D-Link Switches

Elevated Skin Temperature Cameras

To keep your customers, employees, and visitors safe, use F1Tech Vision’s Elevated Skin Temperature systems to monitor against any temperature abnormalities. Our elevated skin temperature products combine sophisticated surveillance and temperature monitoring technology to provide accurate skin-surface temperature measurements, facial recognition access control, and mask detection. 

Our Elevated Skin Temperature solutions include:

• Low Resolution Cameras
• High Resolution Cameras 
• Handheld Cameras
• Accessories

Face Mask Detection System

Our easy-check no-mask detection testing unit is an all-in-one solution that provides mask detection, facial recognition, and temperature monitoring functions in one easy-to-use device. It is engineered and designed in accordance with strict safety and risk prevention guidelines. 

Some features of our easy-check system include:
• Seamless integration with automatic doors
• Optimal imaging in settings with complex lighting
• Temperature measurement accuracy to ± 0.3°C
• Voice notifications

Safely & Accurately Monitor Vaccine Storage Temperatures

IoT Sub-Zero Temperature Sensors for Vaccine Storage

D-Link Switches

IoT Sub-Zero Temperature Sensors 
for Vaccine Storage Environments

We’ve partnered with some of the leading IoT manufacturers to supply accurate sub-zero temperature sensors for vaccine storage solutions. Our sub-zero temperature sensors can accurately provide real-time temperature readings in a variety of below-freezing settings, regardless of the vaccine or storage conditions. F1Tech offers both wireless and remote sub-zero temperature sensors.  

Wireless Sub-Zero Temperature Sensor Features:

Measures temperatures down to -196°C 
Designed to withstand super-cooled conditions
Remotely adjust and set measurement options
Automatic Notifications via SMS, Email, and Calling 

Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor Features

Measures temepratures down to -40°C 
Remotely adjust inspection rates & thresholds
Automatic Notifications via SMS, Email, & Calling

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