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Energy Management Systems

With the rise in energy costs and consumption, it’s more important now than ever to minimize your business’s energy bill. Not only is this necessary from a cost-savings standpoint, but it's also important for businesses to achieve goals that are focused on reducing your overall carbon footprint. 

Our First-hand Experience

At F1 Tech, we use an energy management system to minimize our energy consumption. It’s great for the environment and it provides us with tangible savings that we can then reinvest into our business. 

How Will F1 EMS Benefit Your Business?

F1 EMS is Ideal for Landlords, Property Managers, & Business Owners

How Can Our Energy Management Systems Benefit Your Business? 

Landlords & Property Managers 

If you are a landlord or property manager overseeing a large commercial unit with multiple offices, it can be a challenge to accurately measure the energy usage of your tenants. Many commercial properties have a single meter that measures the electricity usage of all tenants, regardless of their respective usage amounts. Typically, one would have to contact their utility company and have individual meters installed for separate units - this can be quite costly, with estimates ranging upwards of $20,000 per meter.   

Why F1 EMS is ideal for landlords & property managers

At F1 Tech, our EMS system is the ideal solution for landlords and property managers. Our solutions are entirely flexible and are much more cost-effective when compared to installing additional meters. With F1 EMS, you can accurately monitor and measure the energy usage of individual tenants. This will allow you to produce accurate energy bills for your tenants so that they can reduce their individual energy usage.

Need a Detailed Look at Your Usage? 

As a business/property owner, you want to sustainably grow your company. This means that you must be cognizant of all key financial metrics. If you're having a tough time getting detailed insights into your company's energy usage, and need more of a granular picture of which pieces of equipment or which spaces utilize the least or most amount of electricity, our F1 Energy Management System (EMS) is perfect for you.  

What We Provide  

Our F1 EMS can be installed on individual circuits so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of your energy usage. For instance, if you're mulling over replacing old and inefficient equipment, our F1 EMS systems can accurately tell you how efficient or inefficient they are based on circuit-level energy readings. Using detailed reports and usage data, you can make informed decisions that will directly benefit your bottomline. Start saving money with F1 EMS today!

Energy Monitoring Solutions

Power Consumption Monitoring Hubs, Installation, & Power Reporting 

F1-Hub Power Consumption Monitoring  

Our F1-Hub is a real-time electricity monitoring solution that makes it easy for businesses to monitor and manage their electricity usage in real-time. The F1-Hub allows businesses to monitor their usage, identify problems, and then resolve issues to reduce waste. Using this solution, your company can easily meet its energy reduction targets, which will ultimately lead to greater cost savings.

F1-EMS Installation & Implementation Service 

We offer a comprehensive onsite installation service for all of our F1 EMS systems. Our installation service includes installation and configuration, and setting up monthly usage reports.

F1-EMS Power Reporting Service

Pair your F1 EMS system with our monthly power reporting service to get a real-time reading on your power usage. Use this data to make important cost-savings decisions to reduce your energy bill. 

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