F1Tech Nano 

Portable & Powerful Computers

F1Tech Nano 

Compact, yet powerful workstations

The Perfect Workstation  

If you’re looking for a fast computer system with a small footprint, the F1Tech Nano Workstation is the perfect choice. The F1Tech Nano is a purpose-built business workstation that’s fast, reliable, and energy efficient. The Nano’s design allows it to be 85% more energy efficient than traditional workstations.  
Specifications & Features: 

 • Outfitted with the latest Generation Intel CPUs 
• Fully configurable memory and storage options 
• Customizable to suit your specific business needs 
 • Includes 4-Year SDR (Same Day Response) Warranty 
 • Designed, Assembled, and Supported in Canada  

F1Tech Nano Subscription Service 

If you’re interested in upgrading your existing fleet of workstations, you’ll be glad to know that we offer a flexible and hassle-free subscription service for our F1Tech Nano Business Workstations. Our F1Tech Nano Subscription services features a reasonable monthly rate with no up-front costs. It's the perfect option for businesses that need more flexibility when it comes to purchasing workstations.  

 F1Tech Nano Subscription includes:

 New hardware replacement every 48 months
 Licensing service to keep your workstations updated
 Comprehensive same-day-response warranty   


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