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We've Made It Easy For You To Purchase IT Solutions

Our goal at F1 Tech is to make it as easy as possible for businesses to access high-quality IT products and services so that they can succeed. One of the ways that we decided to make our IT solutions and services more accessible to businesses across the Greater Toronto Area was by introducing our own in-house financing options. F1 Financial is the reassurance that you need - we promise to provide fair and competitive financing options for all of the products and services we sell.

Our Approach to Financing

We created F1 Financial to be the opposite of traditional finance companies and banks. Instead of strict contracts, credit checks, and unfriendly agreements our solution is to keep it simple and hassle-free. We want business owners to have complete peace of mind and lots of flexibility when they're in need of our IT solutions and services. 

There are no application forms because we already have an established business relationship. There are no credit checks because we already have established trust. The financing is completely flexible and we can adjust the term to whatever suits you best. It's also open and can be paid off at any time without any penalty. 

Finance and Lease IT Solutions | Affordable IT Solutions | Toronto & G
Finance and Lease IT Solutions | Affordable IT Solutions | Toronto & G

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