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F1 FWA Firewall Appliances & Wireless Access Points

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FWA Firewall Appliances

Protect and secure your business’s network with our range of premium and reliable Firewall Appliances & Access Points. F1 FWA (Firewall Appliances) utilize the latest technologies in Brute Force Protection to protect and mitigate against harmful Brute Force attacks against your business. 

Brute force attacks originate when external forces attempt to use an automated approach of guessing your usernames and passwords to gain unauthorized access to your website, data, or applications. These can be especially harmful because it can result in harmful data loss, theft, and manipulation.

Our F1 FWA firewall protects your organization from any and all external threats by also utilizing end-to-end encryption so that your data is safe and secure at all times. F1 FWAs also allow for SRA (secure remote access) and LTE backup internet. In addition to these key features, F1 FWAs can also help your organization achieve and maintain PCI compliance.  

FWA Wireless Access Points

F1 Tech provides a number of FWA Access point solutions that are designed to provide your business with an enhanced wireless experience. Whether you need networking connectivity outside or indoors, F1 FWA Access Points can seamlessly expand your network’s range by up to 250 feet. Our FWA Access points are also sleek and discreet so that you don’t have to worry about cluttering your workspace.

F1 Web Filtering Appliance (WFA) & LTE Backup

Web Filtering Appliance & LTE Backup


F1 Web Filtering Appliance (WFA)

Protect your business from harmful content, unauthorized applications, malware, and productivity-killing social media applications using F1 Tech’s WFA products. Our Web Filtering Appliances ensures that your workplace is free from online security threats and harmful content that may jeopardize your organizational reputation and integrity. 

We also understand that it’s important to have a workplace that is free of distractions - this in integral to maximizing your employee’s productivity. For this reason, our Web Filtering Appliances allow you to limit or restrict access to social media apps and websites for all devices on your network.

LTE Backup Service

F1 Tech’s LTE Backup service is there just when you need it. If there’s a power or network outage, our LTE Backup system can automatically reconnect your devices, applications, and systems so that you can resume business as usual. We offer flexible packages to suit your business’s specific needs.  
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