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F1Tech Provides An Array of IT Cabling Services


Our Approach to IT Cabling Services

Depending on your varying business needs, F1Tech provides an array of cabling services to ensure that your organization’s IT infrastructure is in tip top shape. Our team of experienced and professional technicians have years of experience installing structured, netowrking, and fibre optic cabling solutions for businesses spanning a multitude of industries. We use the highest quality cables and equipment to maximize your networking infrastructure’s reliability and longevity.

Upgrade Your IT Infrastructure with F1Tech

Our Cabling Services & Solutions

Desktops, Laptops, & Workstations

IT Structured Cabling

With the increasing complexity of IT and Networking infrastructure, it's more important than ever to ensure that all of your devices are safely and securely connected to your network. At F1Tech, our Structured Cabling service will ensure that your IT infrastructure is secure and futureproof. We'll design and install secure cabling systems to facilitate your business's growth.

Our Structured Cabling Service covers:

• Server Rooms
• Telecom Systems (Phones, Intercoms, and Paging)
• Security and Surveillance systems  

Network Cabling 

F1Tech offers a number of Networking Cabling Services to organize and futureproof your IT Networking Infrastructure. Our Networking Cabling Service covers networks that need Fibre Optic, Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a connectivity.

Our Network Cabling service covers:

• Data Cabling
• Patch Panel Installation
• Server Room Cabling
• Cable Management
• Wireless Networks
• Network Installations 

Fibre Optics Cabling

If you want to leverage the lightning-fast speeds of fibre-optics, F1Tech has the perfect fibre optic cabling solutions for your business. 

Our Fibre Optic Cabling Service includes:

• Site Assesment
• Complete Fibre Optic Installation
• Single & Multimode Fibre Optic Cabling
• Fibre Termination Service (ST, SC, LC)
• Fibre ODTR Testing & Certification

Surveillance System Installation

F1Tech provides a comprehensive and hassle-free installation service for our F1Tech Vision Commercial Surveillance Systems. We use the most durable and high-quality camera and cabling solutions to ensure that you're able to monitor and protect your business, 24/7, without any interruptions.

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