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IT Networking Services

F1 Tech is a leading provider of IT Networking services in the Greater Toronto Area. We’ve been providing top-notch cabling, switching, firewall, routing, and Ubiquiti solutions to businesses for nearly 20 years. Our Networking expertise is provided by a specialized team of technicians that have years of experience and passion in their field. We provide consultations, installation, maintenance, and support for all of your networking needs.  


Futureproof & Upgrade your Networking Infrastructure

Network Cabling & Inrastructure Services

Network Cabling & IT Infrastructure

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Network Cabling F1 Tech offers a number of Networking Cabling Services to organize and futureproof your IT Networking Infrastructure. Our Networking Cabling Service covers networks that need Fibre Optic, Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a connectivity.
Our Network Cabling service covers:
• Data Cabling
• Patch Panel Installation
• Server Room Cabling
• Cable Management
• Installing & Configuring Wireless Networks
• Installing & Configuring Wired Networks

FWA Firewalls

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Network Switching Solutions

Unmanaged, Fully Managed, and Smart Managed Switches

D-Link Switches

Our D-Link Switch Solutions

Futureproof your network with fully scalable D-Link switches. At F1 Tech, we carry an array of unmanaged, smart managed, fully managed D-Link switches for your small business or enterprise networking needs. We offer installation, maintenance, and support for all of D-Link switches that are sold by F1 Tech.

Unmanaged D-Link Switches

If you need a cost-effective switching solution for all of your ethernet devices, D-Link Unmanaged Switches may be ideal for your business. We carry both fast and gigabit ethernet switches from D-Link with a range of ports and features.

Fully Managed D-Link Switches

For added bandwidth, speed, availability, flexible upgrades, and stacking, D-Link’s Fully Managed switches are ideal for small business or enterprise settings that require Layer 2, Layer 2+, and Layer 3 switching functions. When network performance and security are of utmost importance, let F1 Tech connect your small business or enterprise with a suite of Fully Managed switches from D-Link.

Smart Managed D-Link Switches

D-Link Smart Managed switches are ideal for your small business needs, offering a perfect mix between functionality and manageability. Key built-in features and controls are ideal to optimize performance, reliability, and network security so that your small business can safely and securely utilize all connected devices on your business network.

FWA Firewalls & Access Points

Keep Your Network Safe & Secured with FWA Firewalls & Access Points

D-Link Switches

FWA Firewalls

Protect and secure your business’s network with our range of premium and reliable Firewall appliances & Access Points. F1 FWA (Firewall Appliances) utilize the latest technologies in Brute Force Protection to protect and mitigate against harmful Brute Force attacks against your business. Our F1 FWA firewall protects your organization from any and all external threats by also utilizing end-to-end encryption so that your data is safe and secure at all times. F1 FWAs also allow for SRA (secure remote access) and LTE backup internet. In addition to these key features, F1 FWAs can also help your organization achieve and maintain PCI compliance.

FWA Wireless Access Points

F1 Tech provides a number of FWA Access point solutions that are designed to provide your business with an enhanced wireless experience. Whether you need networking connectivity outside or indoors, F1 FWA Access Points can seamlessly expand your network’s range by up to 250 feet. Our FWA Access points are also sleek and discreet so that you don’t have to worry about cluttering your workspace.

FWA Firewalls

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Ubiquiti Access Points

Stay Connected With Ubiquiti

D-Link Switches

Ubiquiti Access Points

F1 Tech offers a range of UniFi access points from Ubiquiti. If you need to extend your business’s wireless network without losing speed or sacrificing on reliability, Ubiquiti’s UniFi range of access points are the perfect solution for your networking needs.

Depending on your specific networking needs and budget, F1 Tech has partnered with Ubiquiti to sell, service, and maintain UniFi access point solutions that are doing to directly benefit your business by offering enhanced connectivity, security, speeds, and reliability.

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