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F1 Tech has been providing specialized managed IT services and solutions for accounting and finance firms for more than 16 years. Regardless of your company’s size or scope of operations, we’ll provide the same level of professional customer service and care when it comes to delivering the highest quality service and solutions for all of your IT needs.

In the current economic climate, it has become more important than ever to ensure that your firm has the IT infrastructure to grow and scale successfully and sustainably. We’ll ensure that your company has the technical capabilities to protect and backup all of your important data, upgrade hardware and software solutions with ease, and have full network connectivity and expandability.  

Our Promise

At F1 Tech, we will always ensure that we provide you with the most ideal solutions for your Accounting or Finance firm. We'll work with you to ensure that all of the products and services that we provide help you meet your compliance standards.
We’ll also guarantee your satisfaction by providing reliable and expert services at every turn. IT services and solutions are our passion. It’s what we strive to perfect so that we can help your Accounting or Finance firm get and stay ahead of the competition.

IT Solutions & Services for Accounting & Finance


Managed IT Services

•Break/Fix Tech Support •MSA (Managed Service)
•Data Recovery
•IT Assessments •Licensing Audits
•Cabling & Infrastructure

Internet & Phone Services & Solutions

•Fibre, Wireless, DSL, &   Cable Internet Services
•VoIP Phone Systems •Cloud Phone Systems  

Networking Services & Solutions

•Firewall Appliances •Access points •Switching

Hardware Solutions

•F1 Nano Workstations •Servers
•Lenovo Laptops •Peripherals
•Battery Backup Systems
•Networked Attached   Storage (NAS)

Software Solutions

•Intuit Quickbooks
•Net Suite
•Email signature   management

F1 Cloud - Cloud Solutions

•F1 Cloud Server
•F1 Cloud Email
•F1 Cloud Backup
•F1 Cloud Web
•F1 Cloud Phone
•F1 Cloud Vault
•Data Retention Service

F1 Mobile

•Data Plans
•Portable Internet 

Managed Printing Service

•Multifunction Printers
•F1 Business Toner

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