Managed IT Services & Solutions for Healthcare Providers & Dental Clinics

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Managed IT Services & Solutions for Healthcare Providers

We're Here To Help You Succeed

At F1 Tech, we believe that it is our duty to provide healthcare providers and dental clinics with the best Managed IT Services and Solutions so that they can focus on helping those in their care, first and foremost. We provide a range of services that are specifically designed to help manage and improve the quality of service and care provided by your medical or dental clinic.  

Our Approach To IT

For nearly 20 years, we’ve been working closely with a number of medical and dental clinics across the GTA to ensure that their IT infrastructure works for them, not against them. This is why we take a client-oriented approach when creating and delivering our IT solutions and services to medical and dental clinics.  

Why You Matter To Us

We understand the important work that you do as front-line healthcare providers and professionals. This is why it is our #1 priority to ensure that every service or solution we provide is backed by reliability, security, and usability. In your field, there is no room for errors, downtime, and disruptions. 

IT Services & Solutions for Healthcare Providers & Dental Clinics


Managed IT Services

•Break/Fix Tech Support •MSA (Managed Service)
•Data Recovery
•IT Assessments •Licensing Audits
•Cabling & Infrastructure

Internet & Phone Services & Solutions

•Fibre, Wireless, DSL, &   Cable Internet Services
•VoIP Phone Systems •Cloud phone Systems  

Networking Services & Solutions

•Firewall Appliances •Access points •Switching

Hardware Solutions

•F1 Nano Workstations •Servers
•Lenovo Laptops •Peripherals
•Battery Backup Systems
•Networked Attached   Storage (NAS)

Software Solutions

•Microsoft 365
•Microsoft Office
•Avast CloudCare
•Email signature   management

F1 Cloud - Cloud Solutions

•F1 Cloud Server
•F1 Cloud Email
•F1 Cloud Backup
•F1 Cloud Web
•F1 Cloud Phone
•F1 Cloud Vault
•Data Retention Service

F1 Mobile

•Data Plans
•Portable Internet 

Managed Printing Service

•Multifunction Printers
•F1 Business Toner

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