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Our public library and municipal government offices across the Greater Toronto Area are integral in providing the highest quality services to over 6 million people. At F1 Tech, we’re cognizant of the fact that public libraries and municipal government offices are always under pressure to meet budgetary constraints. 

We provide cost-effective IT solutions and services so that your public library or municipal government department/agency can deliver the best services and results within a defined budget. 

IT Solutions & Services for Libraries

Libraries are one of the most invaluable resources that societies can offer to their citizens. They’re a cornerstone to ensuring academic success and lifelong learning.

Our team at F1 Tech understands how important it is for libraries to provide a seamless experience for their members. This is why we provide tailored solutions and services that are specifically aimed at improving member experiences at libraries across the Greater Toronto Area. 

Whether you’re managing a public library or a library at a post-secondary institution, F1 Tech can help you improve your IT infrastructure with our cost-effective services and solutions.

IT Services &Solutions for 
Municipal Government Offices

Inefficient, ineffective, and aging IT infrastructure can become a costly and time consuming problem for municipal government offices and departments challenged with providing the best services within budgetary constraints. Over the course of nearly 20 years, we’ve worked closely with our municipal government partners to ensure that we are able to help them provide Ontarians with the highest level of service quality and efficiency. 

We provide comprehensive IT services and solutions that are specifically targeted towards improving the IT infrastructure of your department or agency. In addition, we guarantee that all of the services and solutions we provide will be delivered on time and within budget. 

IT Solutions & Services for Libraries & Municipal Offices


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•Data Recovery
•IT Assessments •Licensing Audits
•Cabling & Infrastructure

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•Battery Backup Systems
•Networked Attached   Storage (NAS)

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•Microsoft 365
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•Avast CloudCare
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