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What We Offer - Printers & Toner

F1 Tech sells and services a range of popular business printers, scanners, and toners for all of your printing and scanning needs. We offer onsite installation and servicing options to ensure that you’re able to print, scan, and fax important documents without a hitch. Check out our wide selection of high-quality toners from a variety of leading printer manufacturers. If you’re running low on toner, we offer flexible delivery options to minimize your downtime.  

Multifunction Office Printers

All-In-One Solutions for Your Printing, Scanning, and Faxing Needs

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Multifunction Office Printers

In today’s workplace, a multifunction printer is as essential as any piece of equipment that your business needs to function. We sell and service a variety of multifunction printers from the most reliable and renowned enterprise brands, including Xerox, Ricoh, Brother, Canon, HP, Samsung, Dell, and more.

Our Approach to Printing

We’ll go the extra mile to ensure that we find the right printer for your budget and needs. F1 Tech isn’t in the business of upselling our customers solutions that have features that they never need. If you need, for instance, something that’s cost effective and gets the job done, we’ll take the time to show you what we have so that we find the perfect printing, scanning, and faxing solution for your business.

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