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Software Solutions

 F1Tech has the expertise to install, support, and maintain a wide range of applications. Over the years, we’ve developed a strong relationship with some of the software industry’s leading innovators to provide our clients with the best solutions to help them manage and grow their businesses. 

What We Offer

F1Tech has partnered with a number of industry leading vendors to offer the most appropriate software solutions for your business. We sell single or multi-use licenses for every software solution that we provide.

Software Licensing Audits

With today’s rapidly changing business environment, it’s important to ensure that the software that your business relies on for success is up-to-date, safe, and secure. We provide a full software audit service to ensure that your mission-critical software is going to function seamlessly.

Our Approach

Our approach to software audits includes performing license compliance, monitoring, and quality assurance checks to ensure that everything is up-to-date!

Software Solutions - Microsoft

Microsoft 365, Office, Windows, and Server

Microsoft 365 

Microsoft 365 for business or enterprise is a standard for any business in need of a comprehensive software package. It includes Outlook, Office Applications, and Hosted Services as an all-in-one solution. Available in a flexible monthly subscription service, it allows you to create, share, and backup documents seamlessly. F1Tech offers installation, support, and maintenance services for all Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Microsoft Office 

Microsoft Office is a leading platform which enhances productivity at home and in the office. From managing emails with Outlook, to maintaining spreadsheets with Excel, to creating text documents in Word, Microsoft Office is a necessity for all organizations.  

Microsoft Windows & Server

We offer single and enterprise Windows 10 Professional and Windows Server 2019 licenses for single and enterprise use.  

Software Solutions for Engineering, Architecture, and Design

Adobe Creative Cloud, AutoDesk AutoCAD, SolidWorks

Software Solutions

Adobe Creative Cloud

Expand and accelerate your organization’s creative development with Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe Creative Cloud includes a number of industry leading software solutions for designers, marketers, and other creative professionals. We offer a full deployment service that includes installation across all required machines, downloading necessary software updates, and more to ensure that technology is never a barrier to your company’s creativity.  

AutoDesk AutoCAD

We offer flexible and cost-effective AutoCAD packages for engineering, architectural, and design firms. This includes a full installation of your preferred software version of AutoCAD, and installing necessary system updates and drivers. We also offer a number of workstation solutions to further enhance your organization’s experience using the platform.  


No matter what industry you’re in, Solidworks is a robust and reputable modelling and CAD software that will fit a variety of design applications. F1Tech provides a deployment service that makes it easier for your employees to begin designing.  

Protect Your Business with F1Tech

We Sell & Support Avast and Malwarebytes Software Solutions

Desktops, Laptops, & Workstations

AVAST CloudCare

Avast CloudCare is an all-in-one platform that provides complete security for your business, with the added benefit of being completely hosted in the cloud. F1Tech’s partnership with AVAST allows us to provide the highest level of protection to our customers via CloudCare. With F1Tech and CloudCare, you no longer have to worry about your IT infrastructure’s security from any online or virtual threat.

MalwareBytes EndPoint Protection

At F1Tech, we realize that not all software and security solutions are a one-size-fits-all fix. There are a myriad of businesses spanning multiple industries that have differing security needs. If your business requires endpoint protection, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection provides complete malware protection and remediation with a number of advanced security features.

With MalwareBytes EndPoint protection, you no longer have to sacrifice speed for security. F1Tech can quickly deploy MalwareBytes EndPoint protection without any loss in end-user productivity. Our MalwareBytes EndPoint Protection service includes a full installation, monitoring, and support for customers that want complete peace of mind against potentially crippling malware.  

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Desktops, Laptops, & Workstations


Sustain and grow your business by making reliable and informed decisions using Sage’s many software solutions for Accounting, Finance, HR, and Management. With F1Tech, you can have complete satisfaction knowing that all of our Sage solutions leverage F1Tech Cloud to provide you with a smooth experience without any interruptions, loss in productivity, or any misplacement of your important data.  

 Intuit QuickBooks 

QuickBooks is the all-in-one small business accounting software. It lets you organize your financials, save money and time via automation, and will make it easier and faster for your business and your staff to get paid. We offer a number of different QuickBooks packages that are tailored to your budget and needs - we recognize not all businesses require all of the latest bells and whistles, but rather, something that is easy to use and effective at helping them manage and grow. All of our QuickBooks software packages benefit from F1Tech Cloud Server integration to ensure that all of your important financial data is always available and safe in the cloud.


If your business is in need of one of the best cloud business management software suites, NetSuite by Oracle may be the right fit for you. NetSuite offers an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that allows your organization to streamline mission-critical processes with its built-in financial management, financial planning, order management, production management, supply chain management, warehouse and fulfillment, and procurement solutions. F1Tech will handle all of the installation, support, and configuration of NetSuite solutions so that you can focus on managing and growing your business.


F1Tech has partnered with Epicor to provide businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, automotive, retail, and building materials industry with specialized software solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. We provide and support a wide range of Epicor software products and offer both cloud and onsite support for any solution sold by F1Tech.

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