Enhance Your Office Or Retail Space With Sonos

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Enhance Your Space With Sonos

Enhance your business' audio experience with Sonos In-ceiling and In-wall wired speakers. Need clearer audio for your conference or meeting room? With Sonos speakers, you can present, collaborate, and create without having to worry about a compromised experience.

F1Tech has partnered with Sonos to provide our customers with exclusive and premium professional audio solutions for businesses across the GTA. We provide professional onsite installation and extensive coverage for all Sonos products sold and installed by F1Tech. 

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Bring High-Quality Audio To Your Workplace

Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers

The Sonos in-ceiling architectural speakers by Sonance provides a crystal clear and comfortable listening experience for any space. Enjoy premium audio quality without sacrificing your design aesthetic by installing these Sonos in-ceiling speakers. 

Sonos In-Wall Speakers

If your business needs an upgraded audio experience, in-wall speakers from Sonos may be the perfect addition to your office or retail space. They’re completely invisible to customers and visitors, so that you can provide a comfortable space free from distractions. 

Sonos Amp

Pair your Sonos in-ceiling or in-wall speakers with the Sonos amp to amplify and play audio from virtually any source. When paired with other Sonos speakers, the Sonos amp provides crystal-clear audio, where you have complete control over all levels to create the perfect listening environment for your customers and guests. 

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With Sonos In-Ceiling or In-Wall Speakers?