Supporting Local Businesses Since 2004

Many Of Our IT Solutions Are Made & Supported In Canada

Local Canadian Businesses

At F1Tech, we’re committed to provide as many solutions as possible that are assembled, manufactured, and serviced in Canada. As a Canadian business, we believe that it's our responsibility for F1Tech to support local businesses and job creation within Canada. 

By providing products that are manufactured in Canada, we’re helping create jobs and economic prosperity within our communities. Our F1Tech Vision, F1Tech Nano, and F1Tech FWA products are all assembled and serviced in Canada. 

Safe and Secure in Canada

We also take great pride in the fact that we never outsource any work outside of Canada. This means that any solution we provide is either serviced in-house or with one of our leading Canadian partners. By doing this, we’re ensuring that we can provide employment opportunities to the communities that have supported us since our inception.

In addition, all of our customer data is stored in Canada, so that your data is always safe and secure in accordance with Canadian privacy and security laws and regulations.  

How Do We Support Canadian Businesses?


Locally Made

Our F1Tech Nano and FWA products are all locally assembled in Oshawa, Ontario. We take pride in supporting local growth and job creation. 

Locally Sourced

Many of our leading IT Services and Solutions are provided by companies that were started and are based in Canada.

Locally Stored

All of your important data is stored locally in a Tier-3 facility in Markham. We keep your data safe and secure in Canada while helping support a local provider.

No Outsourcing

Since F1Tech's inception, we have never outsourced any of our services or solutions to businesses overseas. 

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