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At F1Tech, we provide a range of business internet solutions to keep you connected. We’ll work with you to determine the service that’s most ideal for your business. We specialize in providing high speed cable, DSL, and fibre-optic internet services for businesses.  

Cloud Phones/VoIP Services 

Our F1Tech Cloud phone systems utilize the cloud to safely and securely facilitate your important business communications. Since the cloud phone system leverages leading edge cloud technologies to host your important calls, no additional equipment purchases are required for this service. It’s easy to use, hassle-free, and completely secure.  

High Speed Fibre-Optic

Tap into the speed of light with F1Tech’s lightning-fast fibre-optic internet service. If your business needs the most bandwidth and the fastest speeds, F1Tech can help you get connected. Experience the fastest download and upload speeds so that your business is always ready and prepared for success and growth. In addition to providing fast and reliable connectivity, our fiber-optic internet service is flexible and scalable to your unique business needs.
Keeping Your Data Safe & Secure
All of our internet and phone services are compliant with current CRTC regulations. For your satisfaction and peace of mind, we’ll ensure that any solution that you purchase is designed, delivered, and installed to protect your privacy and security. Also, many of the internet and phone services we provide are based in Canada - as such, they are subject to Canadian data privacy laws. This means that your sensitive business and personal data will be safe and secure within our borders. To give you peace of mind, all of your important data will be safely and securely stored in a Tier-3 CRTC-registered facility in Markham, Ontario.

Canadian Proud

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