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With decades of experience, F1Tech wanted to do more than simply provide services – they wanted to solve the problems at the source. Using their extensive experience, strategic partnerships, and rigorous testing, the Nano Workstation and Nano Laptop were built to be better: they are faster, more efficient, and made to last.

Nano Workstations

F1Tech’s Nano Workstations are the hard-won result of seeing too many clunky set-ups that simply needed to be better. Our Workstations are more reliable, powerful, and backed by our unbeatable support. And they are ready to work for you.

Specifications & Features:

Nano Laptops

Drop the dongles, dying batteries, and overpriced laptops that look pretty but don’t do the work. Our Nano laptops have everything you need, without all the bulk and ever-changing charging cords. They are built to last, to work with any external components, and to get the job done. Everything we make is backed by our 4 year comprehensive warranty – we love these laptops, and you will too.

Specifications & Features:

IT services

We made it, we know it, we fix it.

We stand behind everything we make with our 4-Year Comprehensive Warranty & Product Satisfaction Guarantee:

Fully Comprehensive Hardware & Software Warranty

IT Assessment

Same-day response to any issues or malfunctioning systems

Hassle free, on-site service

24/7 emergency support

IT Solutions

Ready for custom hardware solutions for your team?

We’ll help you build it right and keep it working. Contact an F1Tech Rep to get started today.