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The internet is non-negotiable in business – it pays to stay connected. F1Tech Mobile Internet services are game changers for businesses big or small, in the office or on the road, providing a secure, safe, and steady connection. The real deal, good-to-go internet. Wherever you are, stay online with F1Tech Mobile Internet.

In the Office

Our LTE Backup service ensures ongoing, seamless internet connection for organizations big and small. When the internet goes down, our LTE Backup instantly kicks in to keep your business operating as usual. Avoid costly downtime, data interruptions, and inefficient patchwork solutions by setting your business up for success with our LTE Backup.

On the Road

Is your team using public WiFi in hotels, restaurants, or cafes? This flexibility comes with security trade-offs: data-breaches, expensive ransomware demands, and organizational shutdowns – to name a few. The right technology makes all the difference. F1Tech’s Mobile Internet is a safe, private, and trustworthy alternative to open networks. Protect your sensitive data and give your team the flexibility to safely work from anywhere.

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